Our Cocoa Products

The cocoa tree, could be found in Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi, Bali, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Papua and other islands in Indonesia.  In fact, Indonesia is the third largest cocoa beans producer.  

We offer a wide range of cocoa products such as:

  • Cocoa Beans
    Ventura Coffee offers only Indonesia’s finest cocoa beans which are renowned for its refined aroma.
  • Cocoa Liquor (mass/paste)
    The 100% Pure Cocoa is the finest chocolate based ingredients.  Being the component that provides the cocoa flavor, it provides the profile of any chocolate product.  It is suitable for baking and to make other types of chocolate products
  • Couverture Chocolate
    It is produced from the highest quality fermented Indonesia cocoa beans.  The texture of the chocolate is silky smooth, rich and full flavored.  It has a stunning glossy appearance with a crisp snap and could be melted and tempered with ease
  • Compound Chocolate
    Our Compound Chocolate is suitable for moulding, baking, hollow figures and other applications
  • Chocolate Powder Drink
    The finest chocolate powder drink with many marvelous flavors.  This is the Chocolate Powder drink for those who care about taste and quality
  • Chocolate Spread and Filling
    Ventura Chocolate Spread is one of the finest chocolate paste product available on the market, if not the finest one.  It has a smooth texture and extra rich chocolate taste.  The smooth, dark chocolate paste has an intense feel and strong aroma.  The hazelnut chocolate spread contains real hazelnut and has a very rich texture and flavor