Gayo Kopi Luwak

Our Gayo Kopi Luwak, is 100% Arabica beans from Aceh province in Sumatera island.  By the existence of volcanic soil (andisol), which is regarded as plant grower.  This area basically is an agriculture area with intensive cultivation agriculture and environment friendly, with good diversification cropping system. 

Coffee from Sumatera island is considered one of the finest coffee in the world.  And luwak is very particular in choosing coffee berries, only the ripest coffee berries!  Hence, it also means choosing the ripest coffee beans inside the berries.  Combining these two factors are not sufficient for our quality concern.  We painstakingly select only superlative beans for our Gayo Kopi Luwak.  

This strenuous process makes this gourmet coffee so special.  Our Gayo Kopi Luwak is known for its smooth, silky and clean with complex flavor, fine acidity and good body.