Instant Coffee

Indonesia is a big coffee exporter, in fact, it is one of the top 5 of the world’s biggest coffee exporter. Other than as coffee beans exporter, Indonesia also export instant coffee extracts which is used mainly for instant coffee. Many of the big and famous instant coffee producers from the neighboring countries purchase their basic instant coffee extracts material from Indonesia.

Instant coffee, whether it is white coffee, 3 in 1 or any other style of instant coffee, is basically a mixture of instant coffee extracts, non-dairy creamer and sugar or any combination of them. The quality and taste of instant coffee are closely related. The quality of instant coffee is crucially relying from the quality of instant coffee extracts, while the taste of instant coffee is depending upon the master blender’s skill to blend these ingredients. 

The master blender must be a highly skilled person who possesses coffee arts, that is an arts in selecting the right ingredients with precision proportion, understand the uniqueness of each ingredient and combine them together to produce good instant coffee. 

With a brand name such as Coffee Arts, we understand the expectation from customers, hence, we at Coffee Arts do not only rely on master blender who combines the ingredients to select the right grade for the ingredients, but we are also expert in making the ingredients ourselves. 

We, at Coffee Arts understand the process very well into detail since our experts have more than twenty years experience in coffee plantation, as a professional certified coffee grader, as a jury in various barista competition as well as an expert in producing the coffee extract, non-dairy creamer and blending only the finest possible ingredients to produce the best instant coffee possible. 

This rare expertise that may not be found even in the largest instant coffee manufacturer in the world, obviously provide us with profound knowledge on selecting not only the right grade of ingredients but the best possible ingredients that would certainly produce the finest instant coffee. We are proud in producing the finest instant coffee for our customers and we will not compromise on our Quality and Taste.