Ventura Nabire Papua Arabica Coffee

The Nabire Arabica Coffee is from the most eastern part of Indonesia, on the island of Papua. The plantation is very remote around Moanemani and Damabagata districts. The plantation itself is at 1700 meters above sea level and flanked by mountains (up to 2300 meters) filled with small holder coffee producers.  


This coffee is fruit-forward both aromatically and in the cup. The dry fragrance has a hint of rose, along with ripe fruits, saturated sweetness, and heads toward tropical. 

There's some spiced notes in there too with a touch of cinnamon and mace.The fruit in the cup is definitely "bold" but sweet, and again goes toward tropical. There's strawberry and plum, as well as guava, and papaya. 

Our Ventura Nabire Arabica coffee is famous for its Bright Nutty, Herby cedar like, smooth, spicy with hints of swiss chocolate.