Ventura Wamena Papua Arabica Coffee

The Wamena Arabica Coffee is one of the rarest and most flavorful Arabica coffee from Indonesia. 

It is grown at an altitude between 1,400 and 2000 meters, in the Baliem Valley, in the central highlands of the Jayawijaya region, surrounding the town of Wamena. The volcanic soil provide ideal conditions for Arabica production. 

All coffee is shade grown under Calliandra, Erythrina and Albizia trees. Farmers in Papua use a wet hulled process. Chemical fertilizer pesticide and herbicide are unknown in this origin, which makes this coffee both rare and valuable. 

The coffee is hand harvested between May and September and processed by farmer`s cooperatives using the unique "wet hulling" technique (also called semi-washed).

Our Wamena Coffee is famous for its heavy body, earth and bittersweet chocolate notes and with a spicy finish.